Veteran Owner/CEO and Experienced Management Consultant Helps You Leverage Your Time

As a management consultant Ed Wekesser is in the business of helping you, the company owner and CEO, increase the value of your organization. His experience comes from more than twenty years of successful entrepreneurship and ten years of consulting. A veteran owner and CEO himself, he's been in your shoes and knows first hand the challenges you face as an owner/CEO.

Successful business leadership and management require getting things done effectively a lot of things. You need to ensure your entire operation runs efficiently. You want your management team to improve your operations, day-in and day-out. You need to please stockholders which may include you by increasing your company's value.

Corporate Planning Aligns Everyone in Your Organization

Ed Wekesser, principal of Fulcrum Business Solutions, works with you to make these things happen. Experienced in management consulting and corporate planning, his executive expertise will help you:
    Achieve strategic alignment throughout your organization.
    Develop operational plans specifically designed for implementation.
    Get things done effectively, on schedule and within budget.
    Grow your business by teaching your key managers practical business and leadership skills.
    Move vigorously through difficult transitions.
    Chart the appropriate course when the CEO or COO position is vacant.

Owners and CEOs! Let Fulcrum Business Solutions Create Leverage for You

As you review this website you'll find out how Fulcrum Business Solutions helps you leverage the most important resource in your company your personal time. Click here to read case histories that illustrate Ed Wekesser's success on corporate assignments.
Should you wish to speak with Ed Wekesser directly, call him at (303) 972-7663 or e-mail him by clicking on the link below.

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