Ed Wekesser Veteran CEO and Experienced Management Consultant

Ed Wekesser in the boardroomEd Wekesser, principal of Fulcrum Business Solutions, is a veteran CEO. With more than 20 years of successful entrepreneurial experience and ten years of successful consulting with business owners, he has been instrumental in building exceptional management teams and creating strong operating environments. Focusing an organization's resources, Ed Wekesser knows what it takes to:
  • Achieve high growth objectives in a dynamic market environment.
  • Align overhead and infrastructure with revenues through periods of economic difficulty.
  • Launch and grow a company he's started several of his own.
  • Take a company to the next level or prepare it to be sold he's done that too!

Ed Wekesser's background includes holding the position of Chairman and CEO of Customer Insight Corporation (one of three founders), as well as being the sole owner of two other organizations he started. He was also Executive Vice President and COO of a multi-industry organization.

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Ed Wekesser Creates Leverage for Owners and CEOs

A strong strategic thinker with a unique understanding of the relationship between strategy and old-fashioned execution, Ed Wekesser is interested in helping you, the owner or CEO, leverage your personal time and experience so you can transition your company to the next level. And, ultimately, increase shareholder value.

Should you wish to speak with Ed Wekesser directly, call him at (303) 972-7663 or e-mail him by clicking on the link below.

Email: ewekesser@fulcrumbsolutions.com

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