OWNER CONFLICT RESOLUTION – Resolve difficult conflicts between owners by focusing on the one thing owners almost always agree on – Increasing Company Value

Conflict within the ownership ranks acts as an uncontained acid, gradually dissolving the very fabric of the company.  Ownership conflict is almost never contained to owner communications, but typically spills over in uncontrolled ways to planning (both strategic and operational), company values, organizational decision-making (encouraging confusing informal reporting lines) and so many other areas.

Fulcrum Business Solutions can help “arguing” owners:
  • Clarify individual owner objectives.
  • Separate the facts from the fiction of the conflict – define the real issues.
  • Ensure owners are focused on the reality of the current situation rather than previous
    historical realities or perceived future realities.
  • Clarify owner vs. employee roles, responsibilities and compensation.
  • Create both strategic and annual operating plans that align with individual owner
  • Facilitate the discovery and implementation of creative buy-out scenarios.

As an owner if you find yourself in conflict with one or more other owners it is imperative that each owner understand and communicate what she/he wants personally out of the business and any timeframes specifically associated with that desire. Solving imbedded conflicts is impossible without understanding the desires and objectives of each person involved.

And if family is involved… the conflict just became more complicated, and by its very nature is typically more personal. Ed Wekesser has worked with numerous family owned businesses. In addition he has been able to observe first-hand the good, the bad and the ugly of family planning and relationships in his personal life - watching one family handle things very well and another side of his family handle things poorly.

Owners/CEOs! Let Fulcrum Business Solutions Create Leverage for You by resolving
any festering conflicts within your ownership group

Fulcrum Business Solutions helps you leverage the most important resource in your company – your personal time. Should you wish to speak with Ed Wekesser directly, call him at (303) 972-7663 or e-mail him by clicking on the button below.

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