DISCOVERY — Achieve Strategic Alignment
Throughout Your Organization

The Discovery ProcessToday's business pace requires continuous strategic thinking and the identification of strategic issues. It's not an annual event, it's a never-ending process. In addition, achieving strategic alignment among everyone in your organization is vital.

Your employees' performance and productivity are enhanced when they understand the value of working hard and smart at their jobs. Every employee – from your senior executive team and middle management to your line staff – must understand and support your strategic thinking.

What does this mean? It involves communicating your company's Vision/Mission . . . Values and Operating Principles . . . Primary Driver. An internal audit of your organization's alignment on these critical aspects can be very revealing.

 In addition, "simmering" issues inside your company often become very visible and can result in significant disruptions to your operations. Fulcrum Business Solutions helps you avoid such problems and develop specific plans to address them.

Conduct a Management Audit

Management consultant Ed Wekesser conducts one-on-one interviews to assess the owner/management alignment of your company's strategic thinking, and to discover those below-the-surface, “simmering” issues. This audit will help you determine your management team's understanding and alignment of the company's:
  • Vision/Purpose – Why does your organization exist?
  • Values/Operating Principles – What are the behaviors your employees have agreed to live by?
  • Primary Driver – What's the final test for determining whether you'll consider a potential product or market?
  • Competitive Advantage – What gives your company the edge?
  • Simmering" Issues – What's really going on with your employees? What are the organizational and personnel issues holding your company back?
Click here for the PLANNING phase. See what happens after your management audit.

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