OPERATIONAL EXECUTION Get Things Done Effectively, On Schedule and Within Budget.

Years ago Fortune Magazine reported the primary reason CEOs fail is their inability to execute operationally. Don't be among this group. Make sure your operational execution goes smoothly and on schedule. It's your role as owner or CEO to be a model for the rest of the organization. Fulcrum Business Solutions assists you with critical issues to ensure the best operational execution is in place, and specifically helps you:

  • Determine clear lines of reporting.
  • Ensure levels of responsibility and authority are appropriately matched.
  • Create a financial modeling system to execute "what if" analyses.
  • Identify, develop and maintain the primary processes of your company.
  • Identify Key Indicators that gauge movement toward company objectives.
  • Develop productive management reporting systems.
  • Identify senior executive and middle management positions.
  • Wrestle through the "promote or hire" decision process for needed positions. (Should you spend the time developing an existing manager's skills or hire someone from the outside?)
  • Work with your recruitment advisors to find and select key executives.
  • Assess potential acquisition candidates and strategic partnerships.
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