EXIT PLANNING Create a Plan to Leave Your Business Successfully

Fulcrum Business Solutions believes strongly in the process of carefully planning your exit from your business. Too often an owner does not give enough thought as to how he or she wants to leave, and does not allow enough time (often this is years) to properly position the business for the desired departure.

One of the most important issues an owner addresses when leaving the business is achieving a specifically identified financial position. Often that means the business needs to grow in value, and that's where Fulcrum Business Solutions comes in. Ed Wekesser successfully grew his own businesses, and now he helps other entrepreneurs increase the value of their businesses.

Fulcrum Business Solutions supports Business Enterprise Institute's 7-Step Exit Planning Process www.exitplanning.com and sees itself as the prime facilitator of "Step Three: Building & Keeping Value." This process has been developed and utilized for twenty years by John Brown, an attorney and business owner. John Brown regularly speaks around the country on this important topic, has written a book, How to Run Your Business So You Can Leave It In Style, and has developed the Business Enterprise Institute, an organization dedicated to help business owners do just that.

Having professional advisors (CPA, Attorney, Financial Planner) fluent in the language and process of exit planning is essential to ensuring you achieve your post-business objectives, both financial and personal. Fulcrum Business Solutions can help you put together a team of experienced exit planning advisors to guide you through this process.

If you need to energize a transition or fill a temporary role within your company, click here for LEADING. See how veteran CEO Ed Wekesser steadies your ship and begins charting the appropriate course while you're bringing on a new CEO or COO.

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Fulcrum Business Solutions helps you leverage the most important resource in your company your personal time. Should you wish to speak with Ed Wekesser directly, call him at (303) 972-7663 or e-mail him by clicking on the button below.

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