Former CEO Helps You Increase Shareholder Value

ful.crum, n, The point or support on which a lever turns.
(Webster's II New Riverside Dictionary)
Having sat in the owner/CEO's chair, Ed Wekesser, principal of Fulcrum Business Solutions, has proven expertise and experience in helping entrepreneurial organizations with effective corporate planning, operational execution, business coaching and more. Visit our Experience section for more details.
  Fulcrum Business Solutions gives you leverage throughout your entrepreneurial organization.

Former entrepreneur and CEO, Ed Wekesser will help you increase shareholder value by leveraging the most important resources in your company – your personal time and experience.

"If your current business life is anything like mine used to be, you don't have enough time to attend to all the issues confronting your business on a daily basis," explains Ed. "It can be a little frustrating."  

Management Consulting Designed to Mitigate Real Business Problems

Worse than being frustrated is your knowledge that the situation has to change. If not, minor challenges can snowball and accelerate into costly business problems. And, you don't want any more problems. What you really want is to increase your company's value, so when the time is right you can take some chips off the table. Most owners, however, don’t focus on how much their company is worth, but rather...
    • "How will I make payroll this month?"
    • "How do I get my team moving in the same direction?"
    • "How am I going to finance that new IT system I heard about at last month's conference?"
    • "What are this month's sales going to be?"
    • "Will my banker renew (or raise) my line of credit?"
    • "Will I be able to give my employees bonuses this year?"

Turn to Fulcrum Business Solutions for Leverage

Fulcrum Business Solutions is in the business of helping you, business owners and CEOs, increase the value of your organization. Click here to see that Fulcrum Business Solutions understands what your life as an executive is really like. Or call Ed Wekesser today at (303) 972-7663.

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